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Rescue Diver Course

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Serious Skills, Serious Fun!

The most important dive course you will take, the Rescue Diver Course is your transition from advanced diving to mastery diving. Want to achieve the Master Scuba Diver rating? This course will get you there. Interested in becoming a dive professional or teaching diving? Enroll in this course!

This dive course actually consists of two separate certifications – Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder.

  • The Rescue Diver Course emphasizes how to prevent almost all diving emergencies through proper care and planning. Sometimes, there are factors out of our control. ¬†This course will also teach you advanced emergency and rescue procedures to prepare you for almost anything.
  • The Emergency First Responder Course is a first aid and CPR class. ¬†Already CPR certified? You may opt out of this portion of the class if you hold current and qualifying certifications from approved agencies. We always recommend you take this section, as it is specific to diving, and will likely teach you things you otherwise would not have learned.

What Our Divers Are Saying About Us

  • "The course was a lot of fun and the instructors are awesome! They are very helpful and passionate about diving! "

  • "My son and I dove the Sea Tiger today. Devin was great. He knows what he's doing and has the perfect mixture of giving us freedom underwater yet keeping an eye on us"

  • "My girlfriend and I were told about this company during our stay on the North Shore...We ended up doing 4 dives with the legend Devin. He was very professional but also really easy going at the same time. The best part of it is the exclusivity of the dives"

  • "Devin was excellent, very low key but safety minded. We especially liked the emphasis on being environmentally conscious and protecting the dive site for future use."

  • "Devin did a great job. Quickly assessed the group dynamic and capabilities, and then tailored a dive that made sure the kids were being challenged but not put into any danger, mom and I weren't nervous at all."