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There is no bad season for diving on Oahu. However, the diving locations vary based on seasonal conditions, one side of the island may be better than the other depending on time of year. We’re always evaluating weather and surf to endure the best conditions possible! Call or message our dive experts to check on current or future diving conditions and locations!

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I dove with Banzai last month and we did a deep and shallow dive on the sea tiger and kewalo pipe. This was the best dive I've ever had in Hawaii! I have over 1000 dives here on Oahu and my guide Adam showed me things I've never seen before on the sea tiger!! The gear was great and I didn't have to lift a finger.
Waialua, HI
I dove with Banzai last month and we did a deep and shallow dive on the sea tiger and kewalo pipe. This was the best dive I've ever had in Hawaii! I have over 1000 dives here on Oahu and my guide Adam showed me things I've never seen before on the sea tiger!! The gear was great and I didn't have to lift a finger.
Waialua, HI
We've recently moved to Oahu, and my husband finished his certification with Banzai and he was thrilled with the attention and detail Devin took to make sure he understood the ins and out in the water. Devin was a pleasure dealing with! Super flexible and easy to work with and fair priced. For the holiday weekend my parents came to visit , and wanted to go on a few dives. We had a variety of comfort levels in our group. My mom was super nervous and this trip we went with Adam and he was great at helping her gain her confidence back as it was some time since she's dove.My only complaint would be the boat situation. There were 3-4 groups of different dive masters making the experience a little hectic. Adam worked his tail off getting the equipment on and off the boat and accomodated everyone in the group as mentioned earlier.My husband and I both plan on doing our advanced certifications with Banzai in the future.
Sunny Isles Beach, FL
Had an awesome experience diving for the first time with Devin. He was super patient and explained everything in great detail. Once we started on the first dive he was super relaxed and kept my wife and I at ease the whole time. We were able to hold an octopus and saw a ton of turtles. Also, Devin took great pictures of our dives that we were able to purchase later. Thanks for 2 great dives!
Wahiawa, HI
What a neat experience! We were thrilled with our dive, and enjoyed our instructor who was patient and very professional. We were able to see sea turtles, octopus, and go through some caves. We also were really glad to be able to pay the Groupon rate to the company directly, which made this affordable for us. The gear was comfortable and clean, and everything was simple and easy. We would definitely book with Banzai again.
Chicago, IL
Scheduled a my first ever dive on a whim and I'm so glad I did.  Devin gave clear concise instructions and the dive was amazing!  He made sure I got to see some really cool sea life, saw turtles, lots of beautiful fish and an octopus!!  One of the coolest things I've ever done.  So cool that I scheduled another dive before I leave!  I would recommend to anyone!
Seaside, CA
We had a great time with Banzai Divers!! We did the Mahi wreck dive as well as a reef dive called Turtles. Scuba Drew was our dive tour guide and he was knowledgeable, professional, and catered to everyone on the boat. We met in the morning around 7:15 am at the boat ramp and we left in a timely manner. The staff on the boat were really nice, I liked Haley as well. She was very helpful and sweet! The Mahi shipwreck was incredible, it was a short dive diving with air though, so I definitely recommend diving nitrox! The reef dive was incredible as well, we saw turtles, eels, a white tip shark, and an abundance of fish. We got back before noon which was nice so we still had the rest of the day to enjoy. I definitely recommend checking them out!
Redmond, WA
My wife and I dove a total of 6 days with Banzai Divers over the past few years. Devin is awesome. He's so approachable and flexible. It doesn't matter if you're a first timer or a veteran, he'll adjust accordingly to your group.His passion for diving is evident since he's out there every single day. You can count on diving with a highly experienced guide.Cathedral is our favorite dive spot on Oahu which is directly south of Shark's Cove. We have been absolutely thrilled with every single dive through Banzai Divers. I can't recommend this company enough!
San Diego, CA
Devin was simply a Joy to dive with.  I did my 1st 100 foot dive on a ship wreck with Devin.  he made me feel so comfortable and the dive has been one of the most exciting dives I have ever had.  His customer service and diving knowledge is out of this world.  Simply put, the dive with Banzai Divers has been one of my nest dives ever.  If you are diving in Hawaii, dive with Banzai Divers.
Playa Del Rey, CA
I just wanted to say that I got this tour on short notice. It was so worth it. Probably the most amazing experience I've had on the island this trip. Captain was hilarious. I would completely recommend this to any friends or family living or visiting the island. Can't wait to return..thank you
Phoenix, AZ

Diving in Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands are the most isolated chain of islands in the world! This creates an environment unlike any other! As much as 25-30 percent of the reef and marine life cannot be found anywhere else on the planet! From everyones favorite reef fish to say “humuhumunukunukuapua’a” to massive sea turtles and the rarest marine mammal in the world, the Hawaiian Monk Seal, we have plenty of unique sights to share with you!