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The ease of Hawaiian beach diving

While Oahu has many excellent boat dives available, our beach dives are world renown! From the lava tubes in the Pupukea Marine Life Sancturary on the North Shore, to the colorful hard-corals at Electric Beach on West Side, there is something for all dive experience levels. Diving from shore poses several advantages including a relaxing pace without the space restriction of boats, enjoying the sunny beaches in-between dives, and amenities such as beach restrooms and showers. Also, in general they are more affordable as they do not include costs of boat use. Below is Oahu’s best shore dives!


West Side

Electric Beach

10 to 30ft (3-10m)
Oahu Diving

This is a cool dive! This site gets its name from its highlight attraction, a outlet pipe that the local electric plant uses to cool its systems. Fear not, there is no radio activity here, though you might suspect otherwise from the stellar coral growth and abundant marine life. Watch the show put on by the fish and turtles as they play in the swirling water caused by the pipe. Keep your eyes peeled for the illusive peacock flounder gliding along the sandy shell laden bottom.  This ones a blast!


20 to 90ft (7-27m)
Oahu Diving

This remote and exotic bay encumbers some of the most entrancing views into the deep Yokohama Valley. Because it is a condition dependent dive, its a rare gem that’s not often dove. You never know what you might spot here.

North Shore

Firehouse Cathedrals

25 to 60 ft (8-18m)
Oahu Diving

This is a religious dive experience! Located just behind the fire department, you’ll find this dive temple. Skylights over a large lava tube create a Hawaiian light show not to be missed. Like Sharks Cove this dive in also in the marine sanctuary, so there is lots of marine life to see as well.

Haleiwa Trench

40-95ft (12-30m)
Oahu Diving

This man made trench was created by the military to hide submarines. A unique deep dive, it is accessible from shore at the edge of a shallow reef. You can virtually “walk” across the water to the entry point where you look over the edge of a straight drop down to the bottom of the trench. Follow along the bottom for great topography and cliff dwelling critters, then cruise along the top for exceptional corals and turtle stations.

Sharks Cove

20 to 50ft (6-15m)
Oahu Diving

Located in Pupukea Marine Life Sancturary, This site is perhaps the best example not only Oahu diving, but Hawaii in general. The uniqueness of this site has attracted attention of divers across the globe. Everything from lava tubes and caverns, green sea turtles, endemic fish, dolphin, and monk seals are found to take advantage of this protected marine reserve.

Three Tables

15 to 60 ft (5-18m)
Oahu Diving

Named after the 3 flat reef slabs that just breach the surface. In between world famous Waimea Bay and Sharks Cove, this dive will leave you in awe. Lava rock walls and pillars create another unique Hawaiian seascape. Plenty of turtles and endemic fish can be found here. Swim alongside rainbow parrotfish and schools of convict tang. If your good on air, you might make it to Carwash, one of our North Shore boat dives.

What Our Divers Are Saying About Us

  • "The course was a lot of fun and the instructors are awesome! They are very helpful and passionate about diving! "

  • "My son and I dove the Sea Tiger today. Devin was great. He knows what he's doing and has the perfect mixture of giving us freedom underwater yet keeping an eye on us"

  • "My girlfriend and I were told about this company during our stay on the North Shore...We ended up doing 4 dives with the legend Devin. He was very professional but also really easy going at the same time. The best part of it is the exclusivity of the dives"

  • "Devin was excellent, very low key but safety minded. We especially liked the emphasis on being environmentally conscious and protecting the dive site for future use."

  • "Devin did a great job. Quickly assessed the group dynamic and capabilities, and then tailored a dive that made sure the kids were being challenged but not put into any danger, mom and I weren't nervous at all."